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Elevating guest experiences through Art

As art consultants, our primary focus lies in art curation for luxury hospitality spaces, where we strive to create captivating and immersive environments that elevate the overall guest experience. By carefully selecting and placing artworks, we aim to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Your design is the best,
shouldn't the art be as

Take the next step toward aligning your hospitality project’s vision with extraordinary art selections by ArtSpark’s expert team!

A successful project starts with a good brief. Providing all necessary details upfront allows our art experts to work efficiently, minimizing questions and delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Let’s get started!

our clients

We are trusted
by brands

We are honored to be a trusted partner for leading brands in the hospitality sector. Our high client retention rate speaks to our reputation for excellence and the quality of our services.

At ArtSpark, many of our clients choose to work with us repeatedly, underscoring our ability to deliver customized art programs that enrich and distinguish every hospitality experience.

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We create inspiration for a lifetime

For those who love videos, animation and motion graphics, we have come up with a new cool project!

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Best Awards

Our area of practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding, development. The experts who work at our design agency know exactly how to make your project unique, fresh, and profitable.

Best Design
Marketing Lab
Video Project
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A Team of Experts

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Anna Jones

Head of Design

Nick Moore

Director of Content

Jenny Sanders

Senior Designer
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We build strong client relationships

We prioritize building enduring client relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. Our commitment to excellence ensures client satisfaction every step of the way.

Projects Complete

We specialize in delivering projects with precision and efficiency.
Each project is meticulously executed to achieve exceptional results and exceed expectations.

Creative Ideas

Our team thrives on generating innovative and impactful ideas.
We approach every challenge with creativity, aiming to inspire and transform through unique artistic concepts and solutions.


What People Say About Us

Our collaboration has been an experience filled with creativity and mutual respect! Together, we’ve achieved our common goals and this outstanding result! We truly appreciate and recognize your dedication. Thank you very much.

Nikos Katsoulas

Lava Toy

I collaborated with ArtSpark for the first time on the installation of ‘Alteration’ at One & Only Kea. It was an exemplary partnership, and I hope it won’t be the last!

Maria Ikonomopoulou

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News & Stories

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