Elevating Guest Experiences through Art

As art consultants, our primary focus lies in art curation for luxury hospitality spaces, where we strive to create captivating and immersive environments that elevate the overall guest experience. By carefully selecting and placing artworks, we aim to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression on visitors. Our expertise extends beyond the realm of luxury hospitality, as we also cater to corporate spaces. Understanding the importance of aesthetics in a professional setting, we collaborate with businesses to curate art collections that align with their brand identity and enhance the ambiance of their workspaces. By integrating art into corporate environments, we foster creativity, inspire innovation, and create a visually stimulating atmosphere that both employees and clients can appreciate. Our holistic approach to art consultancy enables us to transform spaces into captivating and meaningful environments, regardless of the setting.


Behind every bespoke art program lies an in-depth research into the culture, the history of the resort location. Behind every bespoke art program there is an invisible sensorial thread bringing together all the elements of the project: the history, the architecture, the design, the culture and what the hotel experience stands for. Behind every bespoke artwork there is an artist who has been inspired by all these unique elements which become a springboard for creation.

We feel your needs & listen

How do you envision the Art in the space? We start by learning as much as possible about the project: the design vision, the narrative, the experience that art will serve. From renders to site visits, and from budget to interviews of different partners, we make sure that we have all we need to clearly define the context of the art program.

We imagine

This is our favorite part. Along with our team of curators and artists we start visualizing the art and the art narrative throughout the project. Inspired by its unique elements, we curate experiences that will create timeless memories to your guests. Having identified the ideal artwork locations based on floorplans we move on to presenting our proposals. Based on the feedback, we finalize the art program.

We bring it to life

This is where the art creation happens. Our team takes cares of all the elements of the project management of the art commission, the framing and art production. As the art program turns into reality, we take care of the shipping and support with installation.

The Process

I. Project Concept & Art Context

From the early stages of the design, we get acquainted with the design narrative , the aesthetic approach and aspects of the project like the brief for the art and the budget. This will create the context that will allow us to design the art program. We work closely with the design team in order to have a deep understanding of the design vision and art’s role in its realization.

II. Art Narrative & Curation

Just like we would curate an exhibition, we curate an art collection that covers all the different needs for art in the project, responding to the initily defined needs. Based on this presentation and the design teams feedback we create a complete proposal that includes specific artworks and specifications.

III. Procurement

Having decided on specific artworks, we oversee commissions, production and framing options; which is an integral part of the final result.

IV. Installation

An project is completed when the Artwork has been placed in the space. Different projects have different requirements in this process. Our consultants can undertake it and along with our specialized partners deliver a fast and efficient installation. You just sit back and enjoy the result!

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