Ananea | Kos

A beach front mural by Cacao Rocks with exotic greens and yellows gets the attention of the passerby.

The Outcome

Location / Year: Kos, 2023
Client: More Meni Group | Gabriel Karathomas

Scope of work: Art Consulting & Production: Mural for Bar Area and Art for Guest rooms

Architecture & Interior Design: Vision Alphabet/ Common Architecture


Description: For this art project, we worked along with Vision Alphabet & Common Architecture to create an engaging mural for the hotel bar area. What is unique about this bar is that ‘Paron’ is located right in front of the pedestrian street by the beach. Therefore, this mural is visible by the hotel guests as well as the passerby.

The design team had a clear vision in mind, which helped us navigate how to move forward. Mural design is a particular practice, which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years and we always enjoy having a literal ‘hands on’ art approach. Cacao Rocks signature work was ideal for the project. The organic shapes, the play of perspective blending Greek traditional elements with a contemporary twist brought the vision to life. Furthermore, the color palette of greens and yellows gave the edge it needed to be aligned with the brand.

In order to maintain a common aesthetic approach, a new design was created for the rooms that would be in dialogue with the mural. For this application, the color palette remained the same but muted in order  to create the soothing element needed for the guest rooms.

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A mural of exotic greens and yellows by Cacao Rocks grabs the attention of the passerby in this Ananea Hotel in Kos island.