Domes Miramare

For this Art Project we delved into the island's name history. The story behind it reveals the charming water nymph who stole the heart of God Poseidon.

The Outcome

Domes Miramare, The Luxury Collection Marriott
Location / Year: Corfu, 2022
Client: Domes Resorts
Number of Keys: 240

Scope of work: Art Consulting & Production for Guest rooms
Status: Completed

Architecture & Interior Design: Makridis Associates

Description: To create the art narrative for this unique hospitality project, we delved into the history of the island’s name. According to the myth, Poseidon, the God of Sea, fell in love with nymph Korkyra, brought her to Corfu and named the island after her. As the time passed, Korkyra, became Kerkyra, which is the name of the island in Greek. The island becomes a metonymy to the Nymph, as they share the same traits: They are both seductive, mesmerizing, serene and elegant. The same way Korkyra managed to charm the God of the Sea, Poseidon, Corfu charms its visitors. For the Guest rooms, we focused on the two main elements of the Nymph: her Aquatic Nature and her female nature as described through her white dresses. These two elements became the inspiration for two different bodies of work.

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