DOMES of Corfu

Presenting a bohemian take on Corfiot architecture, Domes of Corfu is the only luxury resort standing on Corfu’s most famous blue flag awarded Glyfada beach. The Art at Domes of Corfu is an organic experience that is being revealed to the guests through its different spaces.

The Outcome

Domes of Corfu, Marriott Autograph Colelction
Location / Year: Corfu, 2021
Client: HIP Hotel Investment Partners, Domes Resorts
Number of Keys: 130

Scope of work: Art Consulting & Production for Common Areas & Guest rooms
Status: Completed

Architecture & Interior Design: Makridis Associates

Description: The concept of the hotel is based on Ulysses journey, as Corfu was his last stop before returning to Ithaca. For this project we curated a holistic art program, according to which each different area of the resort was part of a different chapter of Ulysses story. In order to ensure homogeneity in aesthetic gesture we collaborated with artist Theodoros Zafeiropoulos. That allowed us to created a deeper connection throughout the hotel in a non-obvious manner and create a true art experience with each work being in dialogue with one another.
With that in mind three main chapters different series of works where created:
1. ‘Coastless’ | A tribute to Ulysses Journey | located at the Corridors
2. A. ‘Spices’ | A tribute to culture and gastronomy | located at the Restaurant
B. ‘Everyday Life’ | A tribute to the semiology of clothes and washing| located at the Spa
C. ‘Semiology of wood’ | A tribute to the uniqueness of life| located at the Bar
3. ‘Drifted Woods’ | A tribute to the role of wood as the savior of Ulysses back home| located at the guest rooms

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