Domes of Zeen

For Domes of Zeen the objective was to bring Art for the suites that would enhance the Boho and earthy aesthetic approach of the
interior while elevating the experience. For the project we worked with Philippos Thedorides with whom we created limited series prints on canvas
using the colour palette of the interiors.

The Outcome

Domes of Zeen, A Luxury Collection Resort
Location / Year: Crete, 2020
Client: Domes Resorts
Number of Suites: 78

Scope of work: Art Consulting & Production for Suites
Status: Completed

Interior Design: Olivia Siskou

Description: Earthy textures, organic materials and boho look and feel comprized the interior of this awarded resort. For the suites, the need was  to bring Art that would enhance this aesthetic while eleveating the experience in an engaging way. For this project we worked with Philippos Theodorides to create a limited series of artworks that would respond to the colour palette of the interiors.


photo copyright Domes Of Zeen

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