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The Story Behind ArtSpark Consultants with Aliki Tsirliagkou

Have you ever wondered how art can transform a space into more than just a place to stay but an immersive experience that captivates and inspires? How can carefully curated artwork elevate the ambiance of a luxury hotel or a corporate office, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who walks in? These are the questions that ArtSpark, led by the visionary Aliki Tsirliagkou, seeks to answer.

Join us as we explore the profound relationship between art and hospitality, and discover how we redefine spaces to create unforgettable experiences. Watch our video where Aliki shares the full story of ArtSpark’s journey and mission.

The Birth of ArtSpark

ArtSpark emerged from Aliki Tsirliagkou’s innovative approach to art consulting, blending creativity with practicality to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Through artist residency programs, Aliki saw firsthand the transformative power of art in hotel settings, which sparked the idea for ArtSpark.

During the challenges of 2020-2022, Aliki recognized the need for alternative platforms to support artists when traditional exhibition spaces were unavailable. Thus, ArtSpark was born, aiming to create new opportunities for artists while enriching the experiences of diverse audiences.

With a shared passion for artistic innovation, Aliki and her ArtSpark team worked with architects and artists to bring their vision to life. They curated projects that showcased the unique intersection of art and hospitality, forging new paths for artistic expression.

ArtSpark goes beyond traditional exhibition models, focusing on creating immersive experiences and engaging new audiences. We invite you to watch the video where founder Aliki Tsirliagkou narrates the entire story, providing insight into ArtSpark’s journey.

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